Ø  What is Network?
ü  When  to or more devices connect with each other  is called network. For communicate with each other or sharing and receiving network are mixture of computer hardware and computer software.
Ø  Design of Network ?
ü  There are different types of network are:-
ü  Network design, area network, network topology, network protocols, wired or wireless.
ü  Network design=client server and peer to peer.
ü  Area networks are=pan, lan, man, can, wan.
ü  network topology=bus, ring, star, mesh, tree ,hybrid.
Ø  Network protocols:-
ü  Proprietary
ü  Open
Ø  Wired and wireless:-
ü  When computer get connected with each other with wire connection is called wired.
ü  When computer get connected with each other with wireless connection is called wireless.                                                                     
 Area networks are
Ø  Pan=personal area network are small computer network pan connection include wired or wireless all pan devices have atleast  10mtr by Bluetooth, infrared etc. like wireless mouse keyboard, printer, mobile etc.
Ø  Lan=local area network a network of some limited connections like in home, school computer, laboratory, office building groups of buildings. Wired lans are mostly based on Ethernet technology.
Ø  Man=metropolitan area network is a group of local area network like your company in Delhi and lots of their office who connected with them by any connection.
Ø  Can=campus area network is also a group of local area network for example-I have open my vk computer industry and I have distribute my some works to other place. but it required same company of networking devices.
Ø  Wan=wide area network for example internet when lan, man, can, wan, pan are connected with each other is called is wide area network.
What is peer to peer and server client:-
·         Peer-to-peer=all computer have all types of permission (all were services provider or services requester).
·         Server-client=some computer are server and all works like services requester.

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