Printer Sharing

                                                       To Adding A Printer In Server Sharing With Everyone
1.Click on start
2.Administrative tools
3.Server manager on add roles on print services nxt –select print services and internet printing
8.nxt finish.
Then, you have to install printer using control panel.
1.Go To Control Panel
3.Add Printer
4.Two Option Will Apper’s Their Which One Is –ADD A LOCAL PRINTER=If You Have Already Connect Any Printer With Your Computer.You Have To Select It OR
5.And Second One Is ADD A NETWORK,WIRELESS OR BLUETOOTH PRINTER=If You Want To Add Another Printer To Your Computer From Your Any Option Like Bluetooth,Wireless Or Any You Have To Select This Option.
6.After This It Start Finding Any Network Printers If Any Connected.
7.Select, The Printer That I Want Isn’t Listed
 8.Click On Add A Printer Using A Tcp/Ip Address Or Hostname
9.Then Choose Autodetect Option And Ener Hosname Or Ip Address
10.Click On Next Choose Your Printer Driver From Lists Click Next,Next,If You Want To Share Your Printer To Everyone In
Your Network Click Share This Printer,Enter Name If You Want.
11.Next,Now You  Can Use Your Printer.
At other system ctrl+r= run to access that shared printer

For example \\

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