Internet Information Services (IIS)

Internet Information Services
Is A Web Server Application It Is Also In Client System .  Which Is Developed By Microsoft There Are Lots Of Version Of Iis Services  Instead Of Iis 7.0 Is More Secure, More Reliable, Scalable, Manageable  Iis Support’s-

We Can Install Iis Server from Server Manager –Add Roles-Next-Iis Server-Next-Finish.
Iis Web Standard Protocols.

Http-Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, Primary Protocol That Communicates With Web Services Used To Provide Request And Response For Communicating. Http Traffic Is Accessed By (TCP/IP) Network Connections. Http Works On Protocol No 80. But We Can Also Change It. Https Traffic Transmit Data In Pain Text So It Is Easy To Decode It.

Https- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, Is A Protocol Which Provides Security In Transmission Of Data In Network In An Encoded Text Which Is Impossible To Decode. Https Supports Two Encryption Type-Ssl (Secure Sockets Layer) Tls(Transport Layer Security) Https Works On Protocol No 443.

Html-Hypertext Markup Language, Use For Making Or Specify The Web Pages To Different Browsers Every Web Pages Is Save As .Html To Access It In A Web Browser. To Develop Web Content  Use Notepad,  WordPad, Microsoft Adobe, Adobe, Dream Viewer Is Used To Build Up A Web Pages. But In These Days Asp.Net Is Used To Build Web Page Content.
Site Binding Needs- Type, Ip Address, Port ,Host Name Every Site Have His Unique Settings.

 We Can Set Up Different Web Site To The Different Ip Address For Accessing.

 We Can Also Configure Multiple Website At One Ip Address And Same Port Number.

We Can Also Create A Dns Record Of Our Iis Web Site For Using.

We Can Also Host Multiple Web Sites On A One Server By Providing Different Host Header Name Which Is Entered In Dns And Make Sure It Properly Resolving In Dns Forward Lookup Zone. For Second Website We Have To An Alias Record In Dns For Properly Working Multiple Website At A Same Ip Address.

We Can Also Give The Different Port Address In A Different Website For Accessing It.

We Can Also Enable A Setting Which Helps Us To Password Protected Site.

We Can Also Specify  Users, Groups For Accessing Site.

We Can Also Set Website Limits and Set Bandwidth for Our Web Site and Number of Connection Limits. 

There  Is  Limitation Of Number In Connection.

We Can Also Set Windows Authentications For Securing Our Web Site It Transmit Data In A Network In A Hash Versions So It Get More Secured. Instead Of Basic Authentication. It More Useful In Intranet We Can Install It from Iis Service Roles Iis Supports Two Protocols Are-
-Kerberos (Default)

We Can Also Restrict Ip And Domain In Iis Server By Installing Ip And Domain Restrictions From Iis Services Roles. We Can Also Specify An Ip Range To Restrict Them And A Specific Domain.

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