Router security

To secure our router:-
To change name of router                                                                            
Configure terminal:-HOSTNAME vardhan                                           
To enable password telnet:-
Line vty 0 2
Password 123456
To enable password at console port:-
Line vty 0 (port number)
Password  123456                                                                                                                                     Login
If we exit or shut down our router it get lost all the securte info so we have to copy it into nv ram by this
Copy running-config startup-config
To reboot router type=reload
To enable password at enable mode:-
Enable password 123456
Copy ruunig to starup config
Sh running config:-
Your password is in clear text if u want to convert it or encrypt it
Service password-encryption
for more security:-config-t=enable secret 123456  it get more secured.

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