Wireless Lan

                                                                  WIRELESS LAN
Access point (AP): is a devices which has one interface one antenna and interface for connecting wired connections to wireless.

CHANEEL: a radio frequency band or infrared used for shared communication.
Station (STA):a device or pc which has wireless interface.

Ssid:-service set identifies is a name of of your access point it is of 32 character unique name wireless, network identifier.

Ad hoc: a temporary one made up of stations in mutual range device required wireless device.

Wireless lan: provides network connectivity over wireless media, an AP is installed to act as bridge between wireless and wired network, the AP is need to connected with the wired confection with antennae to provide wireless connectivity.

CSMA/CA:-carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance(csma/ca).
Before every data transmissions:-
1. Sender sends a requests to send (RTS) frame containing the length of the transmission.
2. receiver respond with a clear to send (CTs) frame.
3. sender sends data
4. receiver sends an (ack) now another sender can sender data.
If sender doesn’t get cts back it assumes collision.

Wireless standards:-
802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11n
Use cross cable to connect pc to ap router
                                                              Wlan security:-
WEP:- is a part of 802.11 standard and uses 64 or 128 bit Rc4 encryption.
WPA:-developed in 2003 because of WEP insecurity.

WPA2.WPA2:-was developed in 2004 because of less security of WPa2.WPa2.

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