NIC Teaming
Is a New Feature If Windows Server 2012 Called As Network Interface Teaming Is Used For Load Balancing And Failover Purpose (LBFO) It Enables Multiple Network Cards To Be Grouped And Makes A Team It Support’s 32 Network Interface Cards To Works At One Server.

 The Main Purpose Of This Nic Teaming Is It Provides Connectivity Even If Any One Or Two Or More Cards Get Fails Or Disconnected. Or This Is Transparent For Users But It Works Properly.

It Accumulates Network Bandwidth Across The Multiple Network And Multiple The Bandwidth Of Transmission If Switch Or Devices Support This.

Modes of NIC Teaming:-

Static Teaming-Requires Manual Configuration of the and the Server to Identify Which Links From the Team

Switch Independent-Allow Each Nic In A Team To Connect To Different Switches.

Lacp=Link Aggregation Control Protocol Called As Dynamic Teaming It Dynamically Identifies Links Between The Server And A Specific Switch. To Use This We Have To Enable Lacp Manually On The Port Of The Switch.

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