What are things you should never search on Google

Mouth larva


Don’t do misspell moth larva with mouth larva as it would make you see people with larva in between their teeth.

Lemon Party

A lemon party sure sounds like a fun thing to do, especially if you like to eat delicious lemons. However, a “Lemon Party” is something way different. The term specifically means an odd pornography between three elderly gentlemen. The video has gone viral in recent years. You’ve been warned.

Clock Spider

Clock Spider

Spiders are generally a gross thing to see — online and in real life. But, there is one search term that people are often tempted to look for. The term “clock spider” provides images and videos of spiders crawling on clocks. It doesn’t make sense as to why people are recording this. Even if there are some who do like clock spiders, you probably should not search for it because it can be a little scary to see.

Blue Waffles

Blue Waffle
On the surface, eating blue waffles would sound delicious — especially if you like blueberry flavoring. However, the Google results for the term yield a completely different thing. It turns out that blue waffles is a fictional sexually transmitted disease (STD). It typically impacts women more than men. When you search for it, you get a photo that will make you lose your appetite.

Rat King

While rats are known for inciting fear in some people, there is one particular image that will give you nightmares for life. The term “rat king” refers to a large group of rats who have their tails tied together at the ends. It is a rare thing to see, but it is the first thing that pops up on Google images when you search for this term. It is very disturbing to see, so you should try to avoid searching for it

Don’t search for information on medical issues or drugs.

Don’t give your search engine hints about your insecurities.

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