How do I store previous search queries in Google?

Google has been the web crawler of decision for a significant number of your consuming (and not all that consuming) questions. Inclination for it is popular to the point, that at whatever point you get some information about a theme, they’d request that you ‘Google it’. With several questions made each day, there are times when you may have discovered the outcome you needed, read it, shut it and disregarded it. At that point one day, you may need to recover a similar page however can’t recall the url or how you created that query output in any case! 

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How do I store previous search queries in Google

To get back the item you found beforehand, you may check your program’s history. In any case, if the inquiry was done numerous days sooner, you may need to begin from the starting point – regoogle it. 

On the off chance that anyway you have Google History, it’s a totally different distinctive story. For whatever length of time that you are signed in when doing any sort of inquiry, Google History has every one of the records of your list items nearby a schedule for simpler route. Not exclusively will you get the chance to see all visited locales recorded, you get the chance to look at all the pursuit questions you made and on which day you made it.

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Presently with Google History, not just you get the chance to discover the watchwords you utilized, yet you can likewise observe every one of the sites you opened when you looked through the catchphrases. Patterns then again will give you a little understanding into your exercises on Google Search, including your pursuit conduct at which time and on which web index.

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